Work look, the perforated tool panel made by FAMI

Work Look is an innovative and multifunctional perforated tool panel that can be used in 4 different ways depending on the position in which it is fastened:

  • Perforated tool panel for workbench or cabinet
  • Perforated tool panel mounted on the wall
  • Horizontal shelf
  • Inclined shelf

Work Look - Perforated tool panel mounted on the wood
  • Work Look - Perforated tool panel mounted on the wood
  • Tool panels with a wide range of components

The tool panel is a dynamic structure that can be easily configured to suit your needs: an extensive range of components can be added at any time to help you arrange all necessary equipment for your work.

  • Unipok: universal tool rack hooks usable on panels made of different materials. Depending on their position, they can accommodate tools of various volumes and sizes.
  • Iron Team: the range of Fami accessories designed to arrange equipment such as spray cans, drill bits, paper rolls, cases or cables.
  • Tool hooks: available in different models and for specific tools.
  • Shelves: indispensable for arranging smallwares and spare parts kept in boxes or containers.

Perforated walls, or tool panels, are very useful items, not only in workshops, but also in a variety of settings such as shops, laboratories or offices, thanks to the wide range of available accessories. They can be used for arranging tools, notes, products or equipment.