Iron Team, a wide range of perforated walls tools

In order to optimally organise all your necessary work equipment, Fami has devised Iron Team, an extensive range of accessories for perforated wall panels that will keep your company tidy and efficient. With our perforated wall panel accessories, every single spray can, case, cable or silicone cartridge has its own place so that you can have everything within reach and work safely.


With Iron Team you no longer have to choose where to arrange your accessories! Thanks to the screw and plug fastening system, you can use each shelf, spray can holder or dispenser on a broad variety of surfaces: wooden panels, walls and perforated panels, even if they are not made by Fami.

Discover how to enrich your workstation!

Magnets for perforated tool panel


Magnets are an alternative method for fastening tools and documents.

Perforated walls tools: Silicone holder

Silicone holder

The silicone holder consists of an inclined frame with two holes for arranging the various silicone cartridges neatly and safely.

Spray can holder

Spray can holder

There are two types of spray can holders: perforated spray can holders with two slots or spray can holders with a pocket which can house up to 6 spray cans.

Perforated walls tools: Glove dispenser

Glove dispenser

The practical pocket can be used to insert boxes for disposable gloves which can be easily used thanks to the front slit.

Reversible bottle holder for perforated tool panel

Reversible bottle holder

Bottle holder with two holes of different diameters (80 mm and 60 mm). It comes with a stainless steel support plate to prevent the product from falling.

Roll holder for tools panels

Roll holder

The roll holder can contain rolls with a 130 mm or 240 mm diameter. The roll locking device makes it easier to tear off the sheet and prevents wastages.

Perforated walls tools: Container holder

Container holder

The container holder consists of a bracket with an adjustable strap that can be adapted to the size of the container to be inserted.

Document holder for perforated walls

Document holder

The practical pocket can be used to hold size A4 documents, brochures and leaflets.

Container bar for perforated tool panel

Container bar

With the container bar, smallware containers can be used without the need for shelves.

Perforated walls tools: First-aid kit

First-aid kit

The plate is shaped so as to easily store the first-aid kit.

Perforated walls tools: Cord bracket

Cord bracket

The steel structure allows for keeping electrical cables and extensions tidily stored away.

Fire extinguisher for perforated walls

Fire extinguisher

The fire extinguisher holder consists of a support with a round base and a strap to secure the canister safely.

Perforated walls tools: Basket


The basket can be easily mounted not only on equipped wall panels, but also on perforated side panels for workbenches.

Case holder for perforated walls

Case holder

The case holder consists of two brackets that allow for inserting a tool case or smallware holder.

Shelf for perforated walls


There are three types of shelves for storing tools: small, large and multi-purpose. They are all reversible and equipped with a containment edge that prevents the items from falling off.

Drill-bit holder for perforated tool panels

Drill-bit holder

The steel drill-bit holder can be used to organise drill bits and cutters so you can have them on hand at all times. It can be fastened to the perforated panel or inserted in the reversible shelf.


Electric Team includes a range of products for your workbench’s electrical system. It includes:

Frames for power strips

Frames for power strips

Supports for power strips or residual current devices that allow for concealing sockets and giving the workstation a uniform look

Power strips for perforated walls

Power strips

Residual current device and power strip with 2 or 4 sockets, with Schuko, British, French or Swiss sockets

Perforated walls tools: Connecting cables

Connecting cables

Cables for connecting power strips or switches to one another or to the wall power socket.

Connector for perforated tool panels


Connector for splitting the output from a switch or plug for creating two different power lines.


Lamps with one or two led bulbs for perforated walls


The new range of lamps with one or two LED bulbs that can be fastened directly to the aerial structure of the workbench, to the perforated panel, to the wooden panel or to the wall using brackets, screws or magnets. If brackets are used for fastening, the lamp’s inclination can be changed.


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