Dividers for drawers, trays for smallwares and tool holders so you can perfectly organise your work space!

With the Fami Storage Systems accessories for tool drawers – including longitudinal, slotted, transversal and channel dividers, or plastic drawer trays for smallwares – the drawer space can be divided based on the contents to be stored. The dividers used in tool holder systems tidy up all production departments and any operating environment, and can be used to store both smallwares or tools in workshops and to keep an optician’s tools within reach.

Each drawer can be lined with non-slip rubber or foam rubber mats, or can be arranged using a wide range of Fami drawer accessories:

Fami dividers for drawers

Dividers for drawers

Available in galvanised metal or plastic. The former can be longitudinal, slotted or transversal, while the latter include channels.

Drawers accessories: Trays for smallwares

Trays for smallwares

Available in different sizes, they are made of plastic and can be used to organise and store small-size objects (smallwares, spares, etc.) in an orderly manner.

Drawers accessories: Tool holders

Tool holders

A wide range of components such as fixing pins, Allen key holders, cutter holders and much more, for dividing the drawer and inserting tools.

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